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For those members with an interest in cycling

Cycling Group – Scarva Pod

We are cycling on Thursday, 26th, weather permitting, from the Scarva pod. Meet at 09.15 leaving at 09.30 at the latest. I plan to cycle the Stramore road route via Portadown in a figure of eight which we have done before but with coffee in Gilford this time. That is tow path, main road cycle lane, cycle path, footpaths and minor roads. Only good hill on the Stramore road this time but to make up for it there is a really nice hill after coffee!

That is the plan but there is a lot of debris in the paths so I will have to check the route again before Thursday.

Cycling Group – Scarva

We are back on the “road” again after our winter break.  I have booked
12 bicycles and Tom and I might bring our own.  We’ll take it easy for
the first outing.  Statements of cyclists medication and
corresponding ailments must be forwarded to David by the 23rd.

Meet at Scarva Pod at 9:15 am sharp

Cycling Group – Scarva Pod

I have just had confirmation that all is well for Scarva Pod, 9.15am on 
Thursday, 15th September.  Peter might lead and do some gentle road 
cycling.  If friends of mine are at home we’ll have coffee etc on the 
way home.  Cycle outings are now every two weeks up to December.